Message from president

Thank you very much for visiting us.
Since established, we have kept replying to customer's needs with such a theme as saving energy.
Especially in the fields of metal mold heating, we have delivered various masterpiece of
products such as "Die Heater" and got a favorable reception.
Our accumulated technologies through our plentiful experiences is a valuable data for every heat calculation.
We cannot say that we can solve all the problems regarding every metal mold but please consult us if you have problems about metal mold heating
or you are looking for the better solutions.
* Intending to extend the product life of metal mold.
* Intending to heat metal mold without damaging mold.
* Intending to reduce trial operation and defective products.
* Intending to extend product life of coating mold.
* Intending to save fuel consumption.
* Intending to increase productivity.
Please contact us to solve present problems.

YAC Kokusai Dennetsu Co., Ltd.
3-10-6, Musashino, Akishima-Shi,
Tokyo 196-0021, Japan
TEL: +81-(0)42-546-9211
FAX: +81-(0)42-546-9212